There are many factors to consider when choosing a location for your production. When it comes down to it, choosing a location is all about controlling light & sound, access, and cost. So, should you shoot on a studio stage or in a practical location?


A studio location is a blank slate, where we can create exactly the look you’re after. The lighting is always consistent, access is a piece of cake, and there is no ambient noise to deal with. This results in more up-time during your shoot day, meaning we get more shots in the can and make the most of your budget. However, all of this convenience and control comes at a cost. Studio rental fees and set design costs can be significant.


Practical locations can provide the right look without having to create a set from scratch. However, they’re often more difficult to work in, requiring more time to load in & out, set up & run power, and control ambient light & noise. This can result in more down-time when compared to a studio shoot.

The best practical locations can function as smoothly as a soundstage and provide a unique look. But they require a lot of attention to logistics and other details. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a practical location.