Many productions require on-screen talent to provide their own wardrobe and styling.
These tips will help you look your best on camera.

  • Bring to set at least three distinct options for each article of clothing.
  • Layers and textures are highly encouraged.
  • Stick to bold, solid colors or textures that compliment your hair, eye color, or location.
  • Avoid fine repeating weaves or patterns that can cause moiré (stripes, houndstooth, etc.).
  • Approach coarse or organic patterns (buffalo check, paisley, etc.) on a case-by-case basis.
  • Avoid conspicuous brands or logos, including licensed merchandise (NFL, Star Wars, etc.).
  • Wear a v-neck undershirt (or avoid one altogether) if you’ll have an open collar.
  • It’s worth saying again: Bring options, options, options!
Many productions will ask you to arrive camera-ready, meaning your hair and make-up should be exactly how you like it. In the event your production includes a hair and makeup artist, please arrive on set with your hair clean & dry, and your skin moisturized & makeup-free.